Welcome to my world!

Yes! I finally did it.
Oh! Forgive my manners, my name is Lois fondly known as Lala by family and close friends. I love reading, travelling, meeting new people and sharing my experiences. I am at my happiest when I visit new places and meet people I didn’t even know exist. I also enjoy taking pictures wonderful moments and nature’s beauty.

As an introvert, writing has always been my hiding place. I find it easier expressing myself through written words, I get to write about things I necessarily can’t talk to people about and for a long time now, I have wanted to share my stories, experiences, speak my truth ,get the world to read about what I couldn’t get my shy self speak about .

Can you now imagine how happy I am that the dream of a young girl is gradually becoming a reality! This is me officially telling you welcome to my world, I am so glad you’re walking this journey with me.
I do hope you stick around.

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