Our Difference, Our Uniqueness

Have you ever wondered how you will feel if you get to eat your favorite food alone everyday, wear your favorite colour/clothe everyday, go to your favorite place everyday, talk to that best friend of yours alone everyday, see that all time favorite movie of yours or listen to that favorite song of yours alone everyday? …

I know some will say I don’t have anything “favorite” but you will agree with me that, repeating the same routine in the exact same manner can get tiring, boring and frustrating.
If it’s so, why then do we have issues with people’s race, tribe, religion, doctrines?

    Civilization they say has shined light on our superstitious believes, still how come it haven’t taught us how to accommodate the excesses of others? Or could it be we have refused to learn?
    I do wonder why racism has become such an ugly word no one want to be associated with. When in the actual sense, we are tribalistic, unaccommodating and judgemental which in most cases is as a result of hasty generalization.

    Before you start arguing about how you don’t fall in the above categories, haven’t you once thought about how you can’t marry from a particular tribe?( Just maybe your parents have been singing it in your ears) , Could it be because they are this and that? Oh!  maybe you just must marry from your own tribe! When you are in a place of authority, don’t you play that game called ” favouritism” , I mean the he is my brother or sister ( just because you are from the same place) edging out other candidates who are more qualified? How do you treat people who don’t share your religious beliefs and doctrines, don’t you see them as hypocrites, infidels, sinners?

   Humanity has always been the race not colour, tribe, gender,class, religion… which are spices( they have different but integral roles to play) life will be boring, tiring and frustrating. So don’t just preach peace, unity and oneness, PRACTICE IT

“Let us have but one end in view,the walfare of humanity; and let us put aside all selfishness in consideration of language, nationality, and religion” – John Arnos Comenius

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