Taking or Stealing?

    Over the years, the word “change” has been a household term in Nigeria. While some believe it is good as it has brought about developmental and technological advancement, others argue that it has caused more havoc to our society and moral standard. I will say it is a two edged sword.

Although, I cannot authoritatively say or describe change with ” in those days” like the  elders would without getting  glares and glances due to my age, I do  know  for sure that things have changed.

     I still remember vividly, while growing up in a village in the southern part of Nigeria, that taking what wasn’t given to you no matter how little, is stealing. And stealing was a crime one shouldn’t ever dream of committing as it comes with consequences.

Anyone that was caught stealing in my community then, was paraded naked, carrying whatsoever he or she  attempted stealing.  And of cause there were always willing singers who will clap and sing and should the thief dare make attempt to cover his or her private parts baptized him or her with slaps from different angles .
So,  a Child who is planning on executing such act need no other sermon on repentance, as he or she would not want to go through the shame  that comes with being tagged a thief, nor the fame.

   Moreover, a child who dare to have a bite or steal a piece of meat from his or her mother pot, steal as “little ” as  a five naira note from the house will after receiving the punishment of not eating meat ( be it fish, egg or cowskin) for a month or more depending on how strict the parents are, will still be called out in front of the school assembly, where his or her crime will be announced to the whole school,
after which, he or she will be openly punished by the headmaster.  Not forgetting the unimaginable insults  such a person will have to endure for a long while from other students.

     As noted earlier, times have “changed” and I wouldn’t recommend some of those methods on anyone. Still, stealing seems to be an everyday activity now, to some it’s a norm as some things are no longer refered to as stealing but ” taking”.

A child could “take” his or her  parents money without their consent and see nothing know with it,  “afterall,it is my parents money” .Does it make it right?

With civilization, lenient parents and Advocacy groups campaigning for the fundamental human rights ( which I have nothing against) little wonder our society is filled with thieves in saints clothing.

    In Nigeria today, every sector is said to have an “Agbada” and “Buba” wearing  thief who loot the country funds for their personal and selfish gains, these men and women were once children, but they grew up with faulty mentality ,they forget Leaders are meant to serve not Lord.

It is pathetic that, almost everyone and anyone who is aspiring for a political position in Nigeria today, have intention of stealing from the poor masses but they refer to it as “taking” or “eating from the national cake”.

Today, Nigerians don’t even care about their public officers stealing funds anymore, they just want them to “work” , provide the basic necessities while they steal and enrich their unborn generations with national funds. Sadly, nothing has changed.

   Also, there’s a get Rich fast syndrome that have lured alot of young Nigerians into crime. These young minds defraud people of their hard earned money through diverse ways. Internet scams have not only become rampant, it has become a profession even children aspire to practice and master.

Before now, these fraudsters only scammed “gullible” foreigners who wants fast return for their investments in “oil wells” , “perverts who can’t control their fleshly desires”  . However, today it has returned home.

I have lost count of the number of times I received calls and texts from fraudsters who claims to be from my bank, most times they have a few of your personal details but not enough.

Unfortunately, the decline in the society moral standard has skyrocketed.
We now see young people who don’t see anything wrong in doing absolutely anything to get money, this  include sacrificing of their loved ones or innocent strangers for money rituals.

It is bad enough that  children are watching and learning, it is indeed horrible that our young minds are going astray and trading their glorious future for moments. it is sickening to watch the society celebrate wealth without  track records, it is shameful that the government condemn the killings without taking necessary actions to curb it.

Sadly, if this menace continues and actions aren’t taken, Nigeria will become a den of thieves, killers and destroyers.

It is worthy of note , to state that, Even with this moral decay in our society, there are men and women, young and old living in Nigeria who makes honest living and detest this life of crime. We exit!

One thought on “Taking or Stealing?

  1. This is v true! I also think that it is a matter of personal conviction on the right path that makes one make good decision regardless of decaying societal norms.


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