Dealing With Loss!

  At one point or another we have all had to deal with loss. The pain must have been so severe that we thought we wouldn’t get through it, our hearts ache so much that we never thought it could mend but we soon realized we are stronger than we ever thought we were.

  Dealing with loss has never been an easy route for anyone and there’s definitely no short cut around it.

Although we deal with it differently, that doesn’t  make anyone’s way of mourning invalid. It is true, some heal faster than others but no one is immune to pain. 

   I know our heart aches every now and then in remembrance of what we have lost but we always find ourselves putting on a smile not just because it brightened our face but because we realized we are other people’s source of strength.

  There are some who have to hide their pains  or fasten their healing process just because everyone expects them to be strong. They put on a smiling face even when they are hurting.

 I guess we all  move around with our invisible scars!

In these few days I have spent on earth, I have had my own share of loss, I have lost friends and family members who are dear to my heart.

I have cried till my eyes and head hurts, I have blamed myself for not being there enough for them while they lived, I have shut people out just so I can mourn and I tried asking Why without a response.

During these dark  and vulnerable periods of my life, I have marveled at people’s utterances , actions and inactions.

 I must say I have experienced kindness through the actions, inactions and words of other people too.

I have  learnt to let go, letting go makes the healing process faster and easier. I don’t mean letting go of what we have lost alone, it also entails letting go of other people’s shortcomings. It is  important that we forgive ourselves and others.

   Dear Reader, If  you’re going through tough times right now, the truth is, I don’t have the words for you and I honestly don’t know how you are feeling.

No  one knows exactly how you are feeling at this very moment, not even those who have had a similar experience. But I hope you pull through, I hope time performs her wonders on you,  I hope your aching heart mends with every tear drop, I hope that one day you realize  that they will want you to live and be happy.

I hope you realize it wasn’t your fault and there’s nothing more you could have done to keep them or change the situation.

I hope you stop blaming yourself and feeling guilty, yes, I do hope you stop wishing you could trade places with the dead.

I know you will pull through because you’re stronger than you think. However, while you’re hurting, cry if you need to, scream as loud as your lungs can carry you, take all the time you need. 

I am trusting you to be Fine!

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