Will Yours Be Better Than Mine?

Every era dances to unique battles,
Some she wins, others she loses:
Some stick like stigmas, live beyond the epoch,
Clinging on to victories from battles fought.
Never learning from defeats’ scary stare,
Until its people continue in never ending fear.
Of the unknown,
Of class, erudition and faith.
So will yours be better than mine?

Tales echoed of the good old days,
Where crime had long stretches of vacation.
Basic amenities overflowing from tables.
A time when naira was king,
And foods surplused with aplomb;
Fresh air rode away radical threats,
And water, lullabied the soul.
A national cause heroes died for,
Their graves spat on by greedy leaders.
Helpless, citizens cry out for hearts with strings,
Of friendship dyed in reddish bonds.
But immorality and malevolence now reign supreme,
So I ask, was theres’ better than mine?

History drilled me about the dark era,
Reinforced by parents’, teachers’ teachings,
Where “humans” sold humans for mirrors,
“Men” bought men as slaves:
An era where colour bred tsunamis,
Where intellect bought legacies,
And riffed issues of gender inequality,
Sang uncivilised and naïve tunes
So will yours be better than theirs?
In my world, technology fumes,
Like a malfeasance god;
Nicknamed “the thumb generation”.
Restless and hot blooded,
A world where crime screech as sirens,
A pathway for Leaders and tyrannical kings
Pronouncing celebrity abnormal,
And scoring trivialities distinctions.
Money and connection spread CVs,
To dictate and confer merit,
While others join the hangman’s hustle.
Atrocities and greed run after men
Redefining standards of living
For children, left hungry and homeless
Will yours be better than mine…

When am not around to witness it,
How will yours pan out?
Will you stand if it means you stand alone?
Will your itching ears seek elders’ counsel?
Will my penned thoughts be enough for you?
Will your curious heart learn?
Will you be a candle that lights the dark?
Will you acknowledge your creator in your lifetime?
I believe in a better tomorrow,
Because the past has gone into exile.
We’re lucky, today is a prudent teacher
She knows am concerned about you,
She gave me hope to believe in a better you
And I’ve tried my best to show you
Echoes of the past, and today’s truths,
So l ask, will yours be better than mine?

                                 ©   Lois Aideloje ( Lala)

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